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   Current Bot Shot   

Page Updated Monday, January 07, 2002 16:30:23 Eastern Standard Time

   About the idea and us   

CJ and Mark.  We are the dudes making it.

CJ always wanted to make a bot since he saw an episode of RobotWars on BBC while living in England.  He got back to the US in Jan 1999.  In October 2000, CJ bought a weed eater engine to use for a bot.  He then called Mark for the first time in years (knowing he would like the idea, and would be the only other person besides me that knew how to make a bot work) on the phone, asking him if he wanted to help.  We talked about the bot for a while, then talked about perpetual motion devices.  Later, Mark  came over and we looked at, and cleaned, the engine.  We talked about making the bot.  We both agreed on working together on it, and splitting the cost, work, etc.  We talked about BattleBots and discussed ideas about weapons and design.  We started to think of a drive train.  We went to the junkyard to look around for parts.  CJ then started going to Mark's, where we had the tools to make the frame.

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   Upcoming Plans   

This site should be updated in the near future. The pics and descriptions are ready, but we are out of space on the current server, so we need to get a new one. (7/8/02)

   Bot News   

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Sept. 4, 2001 - Oct. 18, 2001

August 24, 2001 - July 2, 2001

June 30, 2001 - March 1, 2001

Feb. 28, 2001- Jan. 9, 2001

December 29, 2001

Mark machined part of the shifter. A run to "Home Despit" got him 10-32 flat head screws for the drive train. No SDP order yet (maybe I shouldn't have asked for the absolute cheapest shipping method) More green stuff...

December 28, 2001

CJ spent the night with intentions on going to Goddard space center to launch rockets. Mark had a 6 ft rocket with a G engine. Due to current events (what could that be????) the visitors center was closed. A nearby field was found to be too windy and the launch was cancelled. Nothing phisacally was accomplished on the bot, but the website was updated from the last few months. The 25 pound weight found on Jan 18, 2000 has been found a new and better use than sitting in the shop. First it was going to be a blast shield for rockets, and then it was found to be quite entertaining to roll it down hilly streets, driveways and plastic slides. A few chips off a sidewalk and dents of a car... We have video of it rolling down a driveway and getting 4 feet of air. There is considerable force behind that weight. (phun with phiysics) We were on the right track (kind of) in the early days. Sigh... Later, we walked to Safeway for dinner and more wonderful, happy green stuff (and dinner) We also fo und Grape "Blossom Time" but the "sell by" date was a couple weeks ago...We felt sick after drinking it. (the grape wasn't as good, it tasted like Dimatap) Then...CJ left. We Accomplished nothing on the bot taday (unless you copunt 1:30 AM sequencing planning for shifting gears)

December 27, 2001

CJ came over around 1:00 PM to work on the bot. He mounted the engine in the frame, and with a solid mount (a whole two screws!). We had to cut off the weld mounts the guy did on Febuary 14, 2001. (He ripped up his arm in vain with the angle grinder.) Mark worked on machineing keyways and holes in to the shafting for permant mounting of drivetrain componets. After a stromboli and a pizza, we discovered a "lime drink" sold at Safeway called "Blossom Time". Well, with less than 1% fruit juice, the taste was quite artififcial and addictive. With a little lemon juice, CJ found that he could reproduce the diff grease smell, found on January 24, 2001. Good stuff. considerable Progress was made. Rember the tin soldier because he's not arrogant.

December 25, 2001

Christmas day. We have more money for the bot, and a Home depot gift card. Hehe...impact wrench here I come. Tiatanium is here (a few days ago) I love machineing is not nearly as difficult as it was predicted to be... Started a small fire in wood and saw dust whilst attempting to cut it with a table saw (lots of glowing white sparks. Hmmm, pyrotechnics come to mind).

December 18, 2001

Ordered SDP, one way clutches, splined bushing, shafting etc. so work could be done on the drive train over the break.

December 14-16, 2001

New Ideas for the shifter. The orginal Idea is plausible but there is a chance that the clutch would not engage at an acceptable rate. Found some very good brakes and Mark had a legnthy converasation at the ogura clutch comapny. The man was very intrested and said he would give me a discount if I put one of his stckers on the bot. (Sponsor Number 2 - not confirmed) The brakes were accepatble, though the clutches were not. (size)

December 13, 2001

Won the titanium, sending money order. Slow progress on the drive train.

December 11, 2001

Ordered double sprockets off ebay, should arrive soon. Placed a Mcmaster order for shifting parts and double chain. The design of an engine "starting shaft" is being comptemplated. Also looking at a nice piece of tiatanium on ebay.

December 9, 2001

Fun with cattails. We harvested hundereds of cattails from a nearby pond and broke them everywhere in a cattail war. Also, we enjoyed giving the gift of light to the cattails, in the form of fire. Whof! Cattail fluff fire... Hehe. Wasn't us ::wink, wink::

December 7, 2001

Attempted to start the engion. Back to our trusty tree post. No picture because of darkness. We used a drill for an electric start, and though we got the engine firring the drill chuck limited the rpm of the engion to the top speed of the drill. Couldn't unchuck the drill while the engion was started.


December 6, 2001

CJ is back...attempted to mount the engine in the frame. Preparing the new engion for a long awaited start.

November 25-29, 2001

Turkey day break. Recieved gears in the mail , extremely smooth, no matter how little, or much pressure I put on them when meshed (hmmm. Can you think some gears ther that are pressure sensitive? Hint, hint the diff gears.) The drive train frame is quite good looking. (Work of Mark cough...cough...) The first set of bearings are being mounted...along with shaft/gear arrangments. Looking for some good steel shaft stock. It has been confirmed... There has been a sighting of an alive CJ somewhere in Pennsylvania...

November 18, 2001

Began planning of the drivetrain frame by measuring and initial cutting of 3/8 thich aluminum. The use of machinists ink is coming into play...very cool, very fun. CJ's still gone. Maybe he is dead...

November 15, 2001

CJ still gone...found helical gear source... Talked to Leo, gave me an excellent discount and have gears in the mail. Contineing to plan. The Current idea is a top sppeed 9 mph at 40 ft lbs at the end shaft and 3 mph at 126 ft lbs at the shaft. To get actual pushing force...multiply by 4...hehe. (500 lbs of pushing force) (wheel dia)

November 12, 2001

Band over! Haha, goodbye forever Ha. Ha. Ha. (I hope) CJ still out of Bot commission. Looking for sources for helical gears.

October 22-Nov 9, 2001

Well, drive train designs will be made by Mark, small sketches all over my One good pelimianry drawing made... Thinking about the use of helical gears.

October 22, 2001

CJ will be gone for the next three weeks, due driving lessons. We are seriously considering the reliability of the current drive train and searching for other options. Reverse is coming bact to haunt us... We are thinking of a manual transmission like reverse, with slider gears, but have yet to design it. Being in band, Mark is now practing at every waking moment...God I hate this... and work will not continue at an acceptable rate for a few weeks.

October 19, 2001

CJ made a mounting plate for the carb, and placed a MCmaster order fo gasket material and long 10-32 screws to hold down a carb assembly that reached higher than the engine head... We figure form extensive research we will pull about four horsepower from it...and be extremely loud...though the engine has not been started to this date (last time it ran was in 1992...)